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Will You See Local Wine In Brittany?

Brittany is known for its seafood and amazing beaches but would you associate the region for its local wine? Probably not!

Vineyards are beginning to appear all over France’s north western region. Soon you could find a bottle of Brittany white or red in your local shop.

For many years wine growing in Brittany has been virtually impossible due to the climate. Atlantic winds and rain and the lack of sun makes vine growing insufficient. However Brittany’s climate is changing and the locals are embracing the chance to grow their own grapes.

Over several decades temperatures in Brittany have been steadily increasing and the opportunity to start wine growing is now a possibility. The warmer summers plus the milder winters makes growing grapevines a reality instead of a pipedream.
So basically the perfect conditions for wine growing are not too hot and not too cold. The grapes need to be properly matured and these type of conditions are now being seen in Brittany.

Climate change has a lot to answer for, making the winegrowers in Bordeaux slightly anxious. Brittany may be as warm as Bordeaux in years to come which begs the question, will you be able to find that perfect bottle of red on your doorstep.

Many of the locals are excited about the prospect. You can see many people in the local area really interested in making this happen in the region.
The town halls in Brittany want to join the trend. In one area the mayor of a small town has offered the community plots of land for those who want to grow their own wine.

With European laws having made wine growing easier than ever before and with global warming heating up the region north of Burgundy places like Normandy and Ile de France there is a real boost in wine culture so you may well see Brittany added to France’s wine map.

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