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Brittany – Geology, Landscapes & the Natural Area

Brittany is a beautiful place to live and visit. Rich in agricultural landscapes and coastline, it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Brittany is very well known for its amazing rocks which are very wild in colour and form. The seascapes can be quite dramatic, the landscapes in land are quite gentle and calming. Brittany you could say was distinctive in its looks. The carthorse may not be working these days but these and other traditionally animals are given space in special centres.
The mild climate allow plants to thrive and under the water there is another Breton world to discover. You could say there is more to Brittany than meets the eye.

A patchwork of fields cover large areas of Brittany which stretch down to the beautiful sandy coastal edges. Twisting rivers separate the agricultural landscapes. Inland the valleys are wooded. However years ago Brittany were heavily forested with just patches remaining.
Lines of hills and health cross the region from east to west.
Around Brittany you will be hard pushed to find a straight line along the regions edges. A mix of peninsulas and gashes in the coast, both in the form of bays and wide estuaries make Brittany shores superbly entiticing.
The highest peak in Brittany manages to reach over 1,000 ft. The two great ranges of Brittany are The Monts d’Arree and Montagne St-Michel hills. They offer spectacular views and well worth the trek to get to the top.

Breton ancient rocks are sensationally in colour and a real sight to behold.
The Cote De Granit Rose (pink granite coast) and Cote d’ Emeraude in the north, The Crozon Peninsula Cliffs out west and also on the island of Groix to the south.
Granite stone is most associated in Brittany, with its grainy, gritty feel and beautiful dazzling shine in the sunshine.
Sandstone and schist add colour to the shores and can be seen in large parts of the region whereas quartz appear occasionally.
It is not just the vivid pink and orange tints derived from the minerals that make the coast beautiful it is also how the rocks have been carved into shape by the elements making Brittany coast a picture perfect scene.

Why not come and see for yourself, whether it’s the beautiful landscapes of the region or the colourful coastline Brittany truly is a gorgeous place to visit.

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