Domaine de Boutiguery

Domaine de Boutiguery

Domaine de BoutigueryThe Domain of Boutiguery is located on the left bank of the beautiful river Odet, which is in the locality of Pors-Mellou (port of mills) in the commune of Gouesnach in south Finistere.

The Boutiguery estate bursts into flower every Spring, with an explosion of stunning colours, when its 400,00 Azaleas and Rhododendrons come into flower. Nature puts on a very beautiful colourful display.

Forty years have been spent devoted to botany and painting and the results speak for themselves.

It was created by Christian who was the artist and his daughter Virginie who was the landscape gardener. These days even though he is now over eighty, Christian de la Sablière continues to pursue his passions and would not consider for a moment putting aside work on his beloved flowers! In 2010, his daughter Virginie joined him at Boutiguery to take up the torch.

The estate changes all the time. Each year becoming brighter and the addition of a thousand more plants, hybrid species of Rhododendrons and Azaleas. From April to June the grounds are alight with colour beneath the oaks, mexican pines and sequoias. A gorgeous dsiplay which shows nature in all its glory.

The garden is open every Sunday in March, June, October and November from 2pm to 6pm. In April and May the garden is open from Tuesday through to Sunday from 2pm and 6pm. Visiting the site outside of hours can be arranged by appointment.

Visitors can cast their gaze over the stunning springtime blossoms of more than 30,000 plants. The 40 years Christian de la Sabliere has spent combining his passion for plants and for painting.

The gardens appear as if by some kind of magic as you go round the bend of the river Odet. The 20 hectare country park is truly wonderful. It is more like setting out on a journey of discovery rather than your average walk in the park.

Against a backdrop of lush forest, the garden is revealed along a maze of paths winding round, bordered by stunning plantings. There are majestic trees alongside these including oak, beech, sequoia and mexican white pine. The garden is a subtle blend of Mother Nature’s art and the patient labours of a gardener who is passionate about hybrids.

The history of this wonderful site should not go unheard. A single miller operated two mills, one a water mill in the port and the other a windmill on the plateau back in the 18th Century. When the wind turned the sails of the windmill, the pond would fill with water, which on windless days would allow the water wheel to turn.

Flints and bronze axes, tumuli and roman baths, many archaeological finds actually testify to the presence of people along the riverbans. Living with the rhythm of the tides which brought traffic of maritime back and forth between Quimper and the open sea.

You can somehow imagine the 19th Century domain being built upon the ancient foundations of a Roman watchtower surrounded by deep ditches.

Located at a height of 40 metres from this precise location you can see for two kilometres along the river to the Roman defensive camp placed strategically upriver at the entrance to the bay of St. Cadou. From this position it would of allowed the Romans to keep a hidden flotilla capable of immediate interventionin the event of an attempted invasion of the city.

Also from this pivatal point you can observe the heights of Quimper and also those of Locronan, Briec and Coray.

Go and discover Boutiguery, a beautiful evolving garden with stunning plants being added each year. Let yourself go in the enchanted paradise, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. This place sounds lovely and although we live quite some distance away in central Morbihan, we sometimes visit the south Finistere area. We have 2 small dogs who travel everywhere with us – are they allowed in this park…?

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