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Brehat Island

Off the coast of Paimpol is Ile Brehat which is in fact one of Brittany’s loveliest island. It is a small island also affectionately known as the ‘Island of Flowers’. The setting of the trees
and flowers against the beautiful backdrop of the pink granite of the island makes it a very attractive combination.

Brehat consists of islets around two small car free islands. This is joined by a bridge which was built by Vauban, a French military engineer. The island is easily accessible by a regular
10 min boat journey from Pointe de l’Arcouest. The island’s main village is Le Bourg. When the ferries arrive at Port-Clos on the south island, many visitors like to hire bikes and head the short distance to the village. The main square is a hub of activity, where many hotels, restaurants and cafes host regular markets.
Brehat has 438 permanent inhabitants and 838 houses, of which only 195 are main residences.

Many Mediterranean plants manage to flourish on the island thanks to the Gulf stream. Plants such as eucalyptus, agapanthus, palm trees, hydrangeas and geraniums make this island gardens even more beautiful. The cottages and villas in Brehat are tended regularly.
Brehat has 438 permanent inhabitants and 838 houses, of which only 195 are main residences. Many are holiday homes owned by Parisians.
A fair share of birds frequent the island including gulls and cormorants. Also 270 pairs of puffins which nest amongst the pink rocks.

The North island is more wild and smaller but with its rolling moorland and rocky outcrops you can experience the best coastal walks. You will also discover Brehat two lighthouses. Rosedo in the North West and Paon in the North East. Legend has it that if a young lady throws a flat pebble in the sea from the two large rocks near the Paon lighthouse then the number of bounces made by the stone will be the number of years until the girl get married.

There is plenty to do in Brehat apart from bike rides and walking the lanes and paths, at the Verreries de Brehat you can watch glassblowers working and sometimes get the chance to have a go yourself. There is also another lovely place to visit which is the Birlot tidal mill. It was built in the 17th Century but thanks to a very kind group of locals was restored in the 1990’s. You can watch the demonstrations of buckwheat being ground when the tide is going out which happens twice a day. The miller opens the sluice gate and water from the lagoon opposite turns the wheel.

However if you wish just to relax and soak up the rays the best beach you must visit is Greve du Guerzide which is opposite the mainland.

Brehat really is a beautiful little island and should be on your list places to visit.

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