Dixie & Davies – A Mystery Story – Part 2

A story by Fruitcake @barjan Part 2




Sarah got back at about 2.30pm, “Hi darling, I’m back!” she called out to Tom, he came out of the darkroom, “Hi honey, did you have a good lunch?” he said, grabbing her around the waist, she kissed him and said “Yes I did thank you, and it was great to catch up with Kim, how’s it going in there, are

you pleased with them?”, “Well yes I am actually, I’ve got some really nice shots I think, come and see what you think” , “I’ll just make us some coffee and I’ll be right in” Sarah said as she went into the kitchen.

There you go sweetie” said Sarah, handing Tom his coffee, “Oh thanks” he said “Now what do you think?

”,“Oh Tom they’re wonderful, really some of your best work I think, where was that one taken?” she said pointing to a beautiful close up of a bright yellow flower, the stamens in it were huge and Tom had caught the beauty of it so well, “It was by a really lovely stream, I was so lucky to find it, as it’s right off the beaten track and I took some of my best photos all along the stream, what I’m really disappointed about is that I couldn’t believe my luck when I had the most perfect view of a kingfisher, they dart about so quickly that I just had to take a chance and click the shutter, I thought I’d be able to make adjustments to it in here” “So why are you disappointed then?” asked Sarah “I’ll show you” said Tom.

Tom riffled through a pile of photographs and pulled out the one he was looking for, “Oh Tom it’s beautiful, I still don’t understand why you’re disappointed” Sarah said handing him back the photo.

Well do you see right behind it? It’s some rubbish or other & I can’t doctor it out of the photo without ruining the kingfisher, it would show and my reputation’s on the line, I pride myself in perfect photography which isn’t re-touched”

Oh what a shame” Sarah said, but was studying the photo closely, curiosity always got the better of her and she was trying to see what it was behind the kingfisher ,“What is it there Tom, can you zoom in on it?” “Yes of course I can but, honestly Sarah, you make me smile, you’re more interested in some old rubbish than my beautiful kingfisher!” he said fondly.

Tom zoomed right in and studied the photo carefully, with Sarah looking over his shoulder, then they both said together “What on earth?!!”


Rob & Lizzie were really enjoying having some time to themselves and had both enjoyed the meal, they’d chosen a little restaurant, which they often used, because it was quiet and intimate “Oh this is so lovely Rob” Lizzie said “I can’t remember the last time we were able to spend some together, just us two” “Yeah I know, the job’s a bloody pain at times, I do miss spending time with you and the kids, but it’s just the way it is hon, you know I can’t do much about it” Rob said, touching her hand, “I know, I know” Lizzie replied “And I do understand, you know that, I know the job means a lot to you and the kids are beginning to understand more now that they’re getting older, by the way Robbie was not too impressed that you’d asked Mum to sit with them at his age!”.,“Oh I guess not, but it doesn’t hurt them to spend time with their Grandma does it?” he said with a twinkle in his eye!

Lizzie carried on “ But it’s just all the more precious when we do manage to spend time together eh?” Rob looked at his wife of 20 years, she was still very attractive and she looked really alive this evening, her eyes were sparkling as she looked into his eyes, he suddenly felt overwhelmed with his love for her and so grateful for her understanding,, he held her hand and said “ Do you know what Mrs. Davies? This time could be more precious than you think!” Lizzie laughed, winked at Rob and said “Play your cards right and you could be in for a treat!” they chinked their wine glasses …….. and then his mobile rung!, he looked at the number calling , then looked at Lizzie, “It’s work isn’t it?” she said “Yes” he said simply “Go on then answer it” Lizzie said, Rob looked at her in an apologetic way “It’s okay Rob, it’ll keep for another day, answer the bloody call!”


Josie and David had eaten supper and gone to bed early Friday night, they were both eager to make up for weeks of sex deprivation and, as she’d predicted to her boss, spent a lot of Saturday morning between the sheets, not always lovemaking, they weren’t that rampant! But just spending time being close.

David well understood the demands of Josie’s job, his father had been in the force so he knew what it entailed, as it happened his job was pretty demanding of his time as well, him being in journalism, so each of them accepted that it was a case of when it works for them to be together it’s great and to go with the flow when it doesn’t.

They lazed about for most of the day and went out in the evening to a jazzy restaurant to eat, “You’re looking pretty hot tonight if I may say so” David said in Josie’s ear as they sat down at their table, “You may say so and you don’t look half bad yourself” Josie replied. They ordered their food and flirted outrageously with each other throughout the whole meal.

What would you have done if you hadn’t joined the police force?” David asked Josie “Oh I don’t know really” she said, “I can’t really remember ever wanting to do anything else, I know it kind of takes over our lives but I get such a lot of job satisfaction from it” , “I know you do” David said, “But you’ve got to admit that it is a bit of a bloody pain sometimes isn’t it?”, “Yes but you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder don’t you?” she said, as she rubbed her foot up and down his leg, “Ooh you little minx!” David said and just leaned forward to kiss her when…… her mobile rung! She checked the number calling and looked up at David “Don’t tell me, it’s work” he said “I’m so sorry David” Josie said “Oh well I suppose half a weekend’s better than none” David said with a resigned sigh.


Malcolm answered the door to the two police officers, “I hope you’ve come to bring me news and not ask more questions” he said as he opened the door to let them in. “Mr Montgomery could we speak to you in the lounge? It may be better for you to be seated” said one of the officers, Malcolm’s face immediately looked worried “What do you mean be seated?, have you found her? Have you found my wife? is she alright?” “Please sit down Mr. Montgomery” the officer calmly said, Malcolm sat in the chair, which the policeman indicated, and whispered “What – what have you got to tell me? It’s something awful isn’t it?”

I’m sorry to give you this news Mr Montgomery but we have found the body of a young woman, who matches the description of your wife, and I would like you, if you feel able, to accompany me to identify the body – I’m so sorry”

Malcolm flung his hands to his face and let out a blood curdling cry of “Noooooooo, no you must be mistaken, it can’t be Melanie, she can’t have been taken from me, this can’t be real” and he broke into sobs, the police officer waited for a few seconds, then gently placed his hand on Malcolm’s arm, “Mr Montgomery, I’m sorry, but if you could just bring yourself to accompany me, we could determine if it is your wife or not.

Malcolm’s sobs gradually subsided and he nodded to the policeman, “I’ll just get some shoes on” he whispered. “Is there someone who can be there with you Mr. Montgomery?” the police officer asked “Yes, yes, I’ll call my parents” Malcolm said and picked up the phone “Hello Mum, yes I have news but I’ll tell you about it later, could you and Dad meet me at..” he looked questioningly at the police officer who took the phone from Malcolm and explained to his mother where they should come. The officers helped him into the police car and drove off.

Rob & Josie shook hands with Tom & Sarah and Rob said “We can’t thank you enough for your help, it’s a good job you were so observant when you took your photo”, “Actually” Tom said “ I pulled Sarah’s leg about being so inquisitive because she wanted to see what it was that was behind the kingfisher in the photo, I’m so glad that she was now!” Sarah, looking rather shaken, said “But there was no way I could have known that the bag of rubbish was a – a body! It was because we saw the hand sticking out….” she gave an involuntary shudder, Tom put his arm around her and said “Come on let’s get you home, good luck with your inquiries Detective Inspector”, “Thanks” said Rob.

Rob & Josie gently manoeuvred Malcolm into the morgue, Josie held his arm while Rob slid the body out and lifted the sheet, Malcolm collapsed against Josie and broke into uncontrollable sobs, Josie whispered “Is it your wife Mr Montgomery?” Malcolm nodded and Josie gently led him away, Rob slid the body back in place.

Malcolm’s parents supported him one either side as they went out….

To be continued…

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