Dixie & Davies – A Mystery Story – Part 1

A story by Fruitcake @barjan detective-152085_640

Tom Dexter loaded his photographic material into his car, he’d had a busy week, but was pleased with today’s work, he thought he’d got some really good shots for the nature calendar that he’d been commissioned to do. He was glad it was the start of the weekend as he was anxious to get started on his folio.

Before he drove off he sent a text to Sarah, his girlfriend, asking her if she fancied a take away and he’d collect it on the way home, Sarah sent a text back asking him to get her a chicken curry, Tom smiled to himself, on their first date they had both opted for a chicken curry and later, when they had first slept together, it was after a meal out when they had again chosen a chicken curry. That was a year ago and it was still their “special” meal.

Tom adored Sarah and he’d missed her this week, his quest for the perfect nature photographs taking him far and wide in search of the ideal natural habitat of animals, insects, flora and fauna, he knew, from her request for a chicken curry, that she was more than looking forward to seeing him too! He sent a text back telling her to “Open the wine, I’m on my way!”

Sarah smiled when she received his text “He understood my message” she thought, she knew that his work was his passion and that this weekend would, for him, be mostly spent in his darkroom, but this evening they would spend together. He was such a caring man, he always made sure that he and Sarah had some precious time together when he’d been away on an assignment, before he got engrossed in his photos. Sarah knew that, aside from being his passion, his work also meant that they could enjoy the lifestyle that they had, he was very good at what he did and was, rightly, well paid for it, so she accepted that this weekend he must compile his photos.

Saturday morning Tom awoke and turned to look at Sarah, she was still asleep which, Tom thought, was probably just as well, otherwise he may have been very tempted to resume their lovemaking! She looked so lovely lying there with her hair slightly tousled around her petite face with it’s wonderful sculptured cheekbones, her lips slightly apart as her steady breathing caused her pert little breasts to rise and full, “Soo tempting !” Tom thought, but with an inward groan he hauled himself out of bed, knowing that he would never be ready for his deadline if he didn’t start work early in the darkroom. He thought he would probably keep that lovely image with him all day, knowing that the coming together would be all the more enjoyable for the anticipation when it, undoubtedly, happened!

He had a quick shower, made himself some breakfast, had that, and a cup of coffee, then made himself another, which he took with him and shut himself in his darkroom.

When Sarah awoke she was not surprised to see Tom’s side of the bed empty, she knew he had a deadline to meet and exactly where he would be. She showered, had breakfast and prepared to go out, calling out to Tom as she passed the darkroom “I’m off darling, I’ve left your salad in the fridge, good luck I hope they’re all okay” “Okay thanks honey, enjoy your lunch with your sister, say hi for me, see you later, love you!” “Love you too byee” sang Sarah.


Detective Inspector Robert Davies, Rob to all and sundry, and Detective Sergeant Josie Dickinson were getting ready to leave for home. “Great result eh boss? Be nice to get that bastard behind bars won’t it?” “Yeah he’s a nasty piece of work” Rob replied. They had finally brought to justice, after weeks of intensive detective work, the man who had committed a particularly brutal murder.

Rob Davies is 45 years old, a tall, stocky built guy, a good detective and a good man, solid as a rock and as straight as they come, but you don’t mess with him, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly! He was open minded about having a female sergeant when Josie Dickinson was first assigned to him, prepared to see how she worked and how they got on together, in fact they worked very well together, she was no pushover, pretty gutsy and good at her job.

Josie, 36 years old, short, slightly built with cropped blonde hair had been a bit apprehensive before joining Rob as his sergeant, as she’d heard what a hard taskmaster he was, but she found it worked fine, yes he told it like it was and had no compunction about bawling her out if she messed up, but he always gave credit when it was due, she thought she could have done a lot worse in a governor.

They had worked together now for 8 months and had accumulated quite a good score of results in solving murder and violent crimes, they had a good rapport between them, all of which had not gone unnoticed by their chief, who was more than happy that they were off duty for the weekend.

So what’s your plans for the weekend then boss?” Josie asked Rob, “Well I think the first thing I’m going to do in the morning is line my three kids up and see if they still know who I am!” said Rob with a wry grin, “I’ve barely seen them these last few weeks so I’ll spend as much time as I can with them this weekend, and I might ask Lizzie’s Mum if she can sit for us, while I take Lizzie out for a meal tomorrow evening, she really is a brick to put up with the hours I work! What about you Dixie?”

He’d nicknamed her Dixie right from the off and Josie didn’t mind at all, it kind of took their working relationship to a more “matey” level, although she was never in any doubt that it was a boss & sidekick set up! He did, though, have a happy knack of being able to act the boss without in any way belittling her.

Oh” she replied in answer to his question, “I think, because I haven’t seen much of David either, we’ll probably spend a bit longer between the sheets in the morning and slob about for the day, like you a meal out in the evening probably and perhaps, if the weather’s okay, go for a ride out in the country on Sunday, maybe have a pub lunch somewhere”

Sounds good to me” said Rob. “Night sir!” they both called to their chief as they left. “Have a good weekend boss” Josie said, as they parted company to go to their respective cars, “You too Dixie”


Malcolm Montgomery jumped as the phone rang, he snatched it up quickly “Hello?” he breathed into the receiver “Oh it’s you Mum, no nothing, I’ve had no news whatsoever, it’s not knowing that’s so awful, I‘ve rung every hospital in the area, every friend of hers that I can think of and that I can find phone numbers for and there’s not a clue from anyone, it’s as if she’s vanished into thin air! Yes Mum of course I will, as soon as I have any news, thanks Mum, I need it! Bye”

Malcolm was beside himself with worry, his young wife had gone off to work yesterday morning as normal and all seemed normal but she had not returned yesterday evening and, when he checked with a work colleague, it appeared that she hadn’t arrived at work and nobody had seen or heard of her. He’d been to the local police station and reported her missing and two young police officers had been to see him this afternoon, they had asked some questions to get a bit of background and he’d given them a photo of Melanie, his wife.

Had they had any arguments? Had she had any history of depression? Where had he been since yesterday morning? Did she normally walk to work? Had she shown any indication that she might be seeing anyone outside of their relationship? He couldn’t cope with it all, what were they trying to say? He was so stressed he couldn’t concentrate on half of their questions.

No we hadn’t had any arguments and no, she hasn’t got a history of depression, what do you mean where have I been? For God’s sake where do you think I’ve been? My wife’s missing, do you think I’ve been down the pub or something?”, “I’m sorry sir” said the police officer, “But we have to ask these questions to get a more complete picture and rule out certain factors”, “Okay” Malcolm sighed ,“Well I went to work as normal yesterday morning ..”, “Can that be proved sir?” interrupted the officer “Well of course it can be bloody proved, I work in a big office!” replied Malcolm indignantly, “Can you give me the name of the establishment sir?” asked the officer, “Oh for God’s sake!” Malcolm said once again, “Here’s my card, the address is on there, but my wife isn’t going to be there is she? Why are you wasting valuable time asking me all these damn fool questions when you could be looking for her?!”

The 2nd police officer took him by the arm and guided him towards an armchair, he said in a soothing, sympathetic voice, “I’m sorry sir, I appreciate that you are in distress and I can assure you that we will do all that we can to locate your wife, but you must realise that we do have to ask all these, seemingly pointless, questions in the initial stages to get a true picture of events”.

Malcolm put his head in his hands, then nervously pulled his fingers back through his hair, “Look” he said with a trembling voice, “I know you are only doing your job, but can you please understand that my wife and I are happy, there is no other man, she hasn’t got depression, she always walks to work, she cares about the environment, doesn’t like to use the car when she can walk and likes to feel fit as well, now is that enough for your true picture of events?”

The two officers thanked him, shook his hand, said they would do all they could to find his wife, that they would let him know if there was any news and then took their leave of him……

To be continued.

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  1. Well Fruitcake, a real interesting selection of short stories , are they somehow linked? Sorry to be dim! I enjoyed reading them, you certainly have a way of writing as I’ve said before. You & Stinky are really good! :heart:

    1. It’s all one story Blue, just the first part of it where the individual characters are being introduced. Stick with it there are two more parts to come and all will be revealed :yes:

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