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  • 12th November 2023 at 10:52 am #593165

    As you guys know the van badly failed it’s MOT in Llandysul, which was not a problem as that’s why I chose that village as there are a few places to park up and access to amenities and with a big shop before hand and loaded up with logs I was ready just in case.

    Wasn’t so ready for the dick that did the test who really put my belief in pacifism to the test.

    My friends garage took it to the local testing center that can take three and a half ton twin wheelers and the test guy dropped it back.

    When he dropped it back he came driving up so fast I had to say, bloody hell I never drive it that fast. I didn’t see it straight away but my computer and lots of personal things had flown out of the storage area under a pile of logs.

    So the story begins

    Normally I have a big pile of fvnice and dry logs on the double seats. They are all covered over and safe and over the years all not stations have accepted that I don’t use the front seats for passengers. This garage no.

    Rather than say access to the belt buckle wasn’t accessible and put it as a fail he took it upon himself to throw all the logs into the living area to look. Not only did it mess up the entire living space but it ripped a seat cover and broke a mug. After finding said buckle he failed it saying it did not work yet it worked fine. What a twunt!!

    He also threw all of my personal possessions of the dash into the footwell including a couple of electronic gadgets as he said he wanted to see the full screen clearly which was totally visible.

    Following this he proceeded to batter hell out of the underneath it f the van to expose rust damage. Don’t get me wrong I want the bad bits fixed and was expecting a few holes but there were bits of dented metal where he had been trying hard to make more holes in a very over zealous fashion.

    He dropped the van off and told me it was totally f…..ed and should be declared totalled. Nice news to get after seeing him drive in like a loon and after seeing the two page fail sheet.

    That’s the bad bits and why I was so annoyed. will try and find time later to tell you about the getting it fixed up and back on the road again.

    Bon Dimanche a vous tous xx

    12th November 2023 at 11:05 am #593166

    Reading that makes me very angry, the disrespect shown to your property to your home and the deliberate attempt to cause further damage.

    I think the guy was very lucky that you are so mild and placid.

    I once got pulled into a ministry check with an old but well maintained lorry, the bloke could not find anything wrong and started beating the exhaust, determined to make a hole, he even asked for a bigger hammer. I told the copper who pulled me in and was watching that I was making a complaint of criminal damage and that if he didn’t stop it that I would. And that I would be using reasonable force.


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    13th November 2023 at 10:19 am #593184

    You should report him to VOSA immediately. You can do this via their website and I would post a copy of your complaint into their local office. At the very least they will get re- appraised and the threat of taking or suspending their test status might be a good wake up call.

    Don’t get me wrong we all have bad days but if you feel this person is abusing their position the I would do the above.

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    20th November 2023 at 8:55 am #593366

    Report the b*****d!

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