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  • 1st October 2021 at 9:15 am #560531

    [quote quote=560529]Not quite sure what you mean by an air to air system. PJ has an air pump system which he is happy with but his home is well insulated which is the critical factor, Abi K had one fitted recently but doesn’t seem to be around to comment at the moment. I have now been assured that my pellet burner installation will be completed Mon/Tue next week, apparently they have been waiting for a part so fingers crossed.[/quote]

    An air to air system ( I would expect) uses air outside to run a warm air heating system inside. :unsure:

    7th October 2021 at 7:55 am #561039

    Well my new boiler is still on two pallets in my living room. The workmen finished the installation of the chimney and vents but the team that connect up the boiler etc are not arriving till Thursday 14 of this month so another ten day delay. Considering the original date of installation was 9/10 August, I have had a few choice words to say to the manager responsible for my contract. :mail:

    7th October 2021 at 9:03 am #561041

    Yes you are right Deboer, an air to air system is similar to the heat pump sytem but it doesn’t use a water based circulating system i.e.radiators. It blows in warm air. Another advantage is that it can be reversed in hot weather and used as an air conditioning unit.

    We have a relatively modern house with good insulation. We never use the radiators upstairs. The wood burner is enough for 95% of the time. So we are thinking of ripping out our current oil fired central heating system and replacing it with an air to air  unit.

    14th October 2021 at 9:27 pm #561481

    My new boiler was supposed to be installed today and tomorrow after a two month delay. They cancelled yesterday again postponing to next Thursday. I have gone ape sh*t, I have had enough of being p*ssed around so I am now awaiting a call from the regional manager of this cowboy outfit to explain why I am being treated in this way.

    I think the sh*t maybe about to hit the fan and not before time. :mail: :mail:

    15th October 2021 at 5:34 am #561486

    Make sure you duck!
    I can understand your total frustration…keep your cool….once you’ve blown…you have no where to go!

    good luck.

    21st October 2021 at 9:33 pm #561856

    Do you want the good news or…………………..

    Yes finally they turned up to install my new pellet burner and I have got my living room back, no pallets :yahoo:

    Everything is installed, boiler, silo, ballon, pipes, electrics and a very professional installation, looks superb.

    The problem is they can’t get it to fire up :unsure:    So I have to wait till next Tuesday for a technician to come and solve the problem. Luckily there is a back up system to electrically heat my water so it’s not all bad.

    It is a good job there is two kinds of luck or I wouldn’t have any at all. Stay tuned for the next installment :good:

    21st October 2021 at 11:06 pm #561858

    John – Just in case you haven’t been warned about the possible danger of storing wood pellets due to the gas they can give off.



    21st October 2021 at 11:08 pm #561859

    Like !

    22nd October 2021 at 3:24 pm #561881

    Thanks for that Fitter. I was aware there was a slight risk but not the specifics. My boiler has been installed in my workshop together with the silo which is about the same size as the boiler and holds up to 400 litres of pellets. The installers have put two 10cm vents near the silo, I think I will put a small extractor fan on the top one on a timer to come on at various times during the day to refresh the air. Bags of pellets stored in sealed plastic bags I would imagine pose no threat but those sold in paper sacks may do. Most of my pellets will be stored in a secure area of my barn which is well ventilated and I may also use the old boiler house as this is also well ventilated and cool. I also propose to enclose the boiler and silo with plasterboard and a door to separate it from my workshop.

    23rd October 2021 at 10:51 pm #562001

    Having bought a couple of sacks a  year or so ago to experiment with burning them in our wood stove, the plastic sacks are not sealed they have holes so they will stack flat on a pallet and not roll around.

    25th October 2021 at 2:50 pm #562068

    I thought the plastic bags were sealed but on close inspection there is a row of pinpricks along the top of each bag.

    I think however that the precautions I am taking to ventilate the area  and seal it off from the rest of the workshop are sufficient. The risk seems low and the problems that have been reported stem from storage of large amounts of pellets. I shall only ever have a few bags plus the contents if the relatively small silo in the boiler room and a maximum of 1 ton (60-72 bags) stored in two other ventilated areas.

    26th October 2021 at 11:08 pm #562122


    The technician arrived and was here for over two hours checking the whole installation. It was a bit like using a code reader on your car, laptops and various other gas analisers, setting up when it starts and finishes, when it starts in the morning and goes off at night, very technical and now I have to embrace this technology but I do have an instruction manual in English for the thermostat at least.

    I have to admit I am impressed with how sophisticated this system is, I just hope I can master the control.

    I will update when I have any information about pellet consumption, servicing frequency, efficiency, and any comparisons I have with fuel heating and the cost of heating over the last 10 years without using my fuel system because it was just too expensive. :mail:

    26th October 2021 at 11:15 pm #562123

    I think you need a medal for perseverance and patience!! 🎖

    26th October 2021 at 11:47 pm #562124

    Thank you but in all honesty when you get embroiled in endless beaurocrcy, you just have to go with the flow unless you can challenge a native French speaker. :wacko:

    27th October 2021 at 12:09 am #562125

    I take it you are going to hang on to your Villager wood stove John?

    27th October 2021 at 8:17 am #562127

    Definately keeping my Villager. My plan is to use the radiators as background heating to about 17° which will minimise the use of my petrole heater. That will save about 20€ a week in the winter months which will pay for 4-5 sacks of pellets. My fuel boiler was costing about 10€ a week to heat my water so that is another 2 sacks and my Villager I will use to boost the temperature when necessary. I estimate I will probably cut my wood consumption by around 50% so overall It shouldn’t cost much more to run my new system. That is the theory, time will tell :yes:

    As a bye I shall be fitting a carbon monoxide detector in my workshop, at the same time replacing the one in my lounge which is 7 years old and due for renewal.

    1st November 2021 at 5:56 pm #562571

    Well 6 days of having a warm house and I am impressed. It hasn’t been that cold yet but my house has been a constant 18°C with no additional heating. My pellet burner has used 43Kg of pellets or just under 3 bags over 6 days and that works out at just over 2€ a day. That will go up as it gets colder but it looks as though my estimate of one 15Kg bag a day is achievable and in the summer that will probably drop to two bags a week. It is so nice to have a warm bathroom in the morning and a warm towel then come down to a warm room.

    24th November 2021 at 10:40 pm #563677

    OK so four weeks in. As expected the pellet consumption has increased as the temperature has dropped but still reasonable. It is using currently 11 Kg a day at an approx cost of 3.50€ . That is the equivalent cost of running one petrole heater for the same time, (06.30-22.30) per day. I have not used my wood burner yet but I am thinking that as it gets colder that will be an option which will efficiently heat my downstairs and will cut the pellet consumption. Some experimentation needed to find the balance.  That is where I am with my new system.

    24th November 2021 at 11:40 pm #563681

    Really glad it’s working well.for you! :good:

    25th November 2021 at 8:14 am #563686

    When all the ” dust ” settled , how much did your installation cost you after deduction of grants etc and has your electric consumption increased due to the system ?

    Do you have a garantie for the system or is it just the standard 10 years?

    I ask these questions because obviously that has to be calculated into the daily costs as well .





    25th November 2021 at 10:37 am #563700

    I can’t tell you what the final cost is because they installed a different make of boiler to the one I was originally quoted for. My grant is 12.000€ and my payment will be a maximum of 6000€ of which I have paid 2000€ at the moment. The system is guaranteed for 5 years during which time I have to pay for an annual service which is advisable with any system anyway. The boiler has to be cleaned out regularly for which it has to be shut down for 30 minutes to cool. To clean the burner and empty the ash takes about 10 minutes, I am doing it every two weeks but it could go for longer.

    I have not noticed any appreciable difference in electricity consumption. There are three small pumps and a fan which regulate the system and the ignition system, none of which are high energy users. There is also a back up immersion heater in the ballon which can be switched on to heat the water in case of breakdown but is not needed normally.



    25th November 2021 at 12:39 pm #563712

    Thanks for the info JohnP , just interested in different heating/warm water arrangements

    So you can add €100/month to the heating costs  ( €6000/ 60)


    25th November 2021 at 2:41 pm #563726

    If you include the 6000€ (it may be less) over 5 years then to be fair, you should deduct the cost of heating my water with the old fuel boiler 30€ pm, 3 containers of petrole a@ 60€ pm and I am using much less wood too. Also I would imagine a brand new biomass heating system would add some value to my property, so overall a reasonable investment I think. :-)

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