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  • 1st August 2021 at 10:19 am #556309

    As several of you good folk have kindly asked after the progress of my man’s recovery I thought I would post an update and apologies for taking up valued forum space with such a personal posting.

    He returned home last Monday, very fragile but pleased to be home.

    During his stay in the hospital, it was discovered that a kidney was blocked and an operation was performed to insert a double catheter.

    Whilst there his blood sugar went seriously awry so all his regular medication for diabetes was stopped and insulin started. He has a lot of pain in the genital area due to the procedure performed (via the penis) and the necessary tubing.

    During this week he has become much less fragile but still gets very tired of course, early days yet. I follow the guidelines for the insulin and the sugar readings are improving I am also getting a dab hand at sorting out urine bags! We keep his pain controlled with morphine and paracetamol, so really good progress has been made. He is beginning to get his appetite back too which is a good sign.

    He has more tests and scans to be performed and we await the results of a biopsy which was taken at the time of the operation but, I’m pleased to report he is looking back to his handsome self, and a bit slimmer to boot!

    You will all know from my postings that positivity is my middle name and I am feeling really positive about our future.

    Several friends have asked me what we will do when we get back to the UK, where we will live etc. my stock reply is always that I never waste a worry, it isn’t happening yet, when it does I will give it my attention, at the moment I am dealing with today. I have always lived my life in that way, it stands me in good stead.

    Thank you once again for all your support, it is very much appreciated.

    1st August 2021 at 10:43 am #556313

    Thanks for the update FC, and no need to apologise, this is a friendly forum and folk will certainly be interested. Those that aren’t won’t click on it.

    Positivity is great and will be a boost to Mr F.

    Co incidentally my father has gone through a similar experience recently, with the addition of a stroke whilst in hospital. His sugars are still high 20’s and above but they are not doing anything to help him. He is at home and the diabetic nurse telephones him fortnightly. He is on so many tablets so perhaps some of them conflict.


    1st August 2021 at 12:07 pm #556314

    Glad to hear he is home and improving Fruitcake! Your positivity will rub off on him and I bet he recovers more quickly now he is home. :rose: :rose:

    1st August 2021 at 12:41 pm #556316

    Good luck to you both :heart:

    1st August 2021 at 2:22 pm #556323

    Well done fruitcake a big hug for you . :heart:

    1st August 2021 at 4:21 pm #556325

    Good to have this update :heart:

    2nd August 2021 at 8:41 am #556351

    It is nice of you to share your positive thoughts with us and I am sure we are all behind you. Getting medication right again after a spell in hospital can be challenging as I know with all the necessary blood tests but I find the local services of nurses and the laboratory here are brilliant and I am sure Mr F will soon be back on track.

    Thank you for the update

    Best wishes to you both.   John

    2nd August 2021 at 9:08 am #556353

    Positive thoughts coming right back at you both. Sending healing and happy vibes across to you from sunny west wales xxxxxx

    2nd August 2021 at 9:18 am #556354

    Love to you both. x

    2nd August 2021 at 9:47 am #556358

    Best wishes to you both.

    2nd August 2021 at 1:34 pm #556373

    Gee thanks guys! What lovely thoughts and messages and a hug too, thank you one and all :rose:

    I’m pleased to say the sugar’s gradually going down  :good: Special diet and insulin control seems to be working :yes:

    5th August 2021 at 5:12 pm #556581

    I took Mr F to the doctor today for the doctor to know what’s been going on and update the dossier, after producing from my bag ( a bit like Mary Poppins!) various, documents, prescriptions, my charts of blood sugar readings, insulin amounts and distribution of morphine, I’m pleased to report that I’m doing it all right! BUT, the best bit of news is that the biopsy taken during the operation and sent for analysis has come back with a negative result! Lifted Mr F’s spirits no end (I was pretty pleased too!)

    5th August 2021 at 9:34 pm #556602

    Great news FC. I’m sure your loving care is doing Mr F just as much good as all the different medications. :rose:

    5th August 2021 at 9:45 pm #556604

    That is such good news FC. Must have been a medical minefield at first. Really happy for you both 🥰


    6th August 2021 at 8:30 am #556606

    No need to apologise, Fruitcake! All the best to you and Mr F. I hope he recovers as quickly as possible. Your attitude is commendable, you are certainly dealing with things with admirable stoicism.

    6th August 2021 at 8:55 am #556607

    Good on yer gal , ( fruity that is ) keep yer peker up !

    I have a way with words . :yes: :yes:

    6th August 2021 at 9:52 am #556616

    :good: Thanks guys and gals I find it helpful that I have a good sense of humour, especially this morning at 5.20 am when Mr F needed my assistance as, with bleary eyes and no specs on, I realised too late that I hadn’t removed the inner clear plastic lid from the urine collection tub before opening the tap on the bag. Ahh well, the bathroom mat and floor were in need of a wash anyway. :yes: ;-)

    6th August 2021 at 12:00 pm #556619

    Wonderful news!

    6th August 2021 at 12:31 pm #556620

    Thinking of you both xx

    6th August 2021 at 3:32 pm #556621

    Wishing you both a long and happy life together.

    6th August 2021 at 4:35 pm #556625

    Many thanks :rose:

    6th August 2021 at 4:39 pm #556627

    Keep it up Fruitcake.  You’re doing a grand job. :heart: :heart:

    6th August 2021 at 8:04 pm #556630

    Don’t forget to look after yourself,it is very hard to be a carer

    7th August 2021 at 7:26 am #556636

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your supportive comments, I really didn’t start this post looking for anything other than the chance to update those members who, following on from my ‘Annoncement’ post, that in itself just posted to inform, had very kindly asked about Mr F’s progress.

    I am well aware that there are other members who are going through their own personal difficulties in varying degrees, some much more difficult than those we are experiencing, they are just doing so much more privately than I am, my thoughts, support and good wishes are going to them.

    As I am so publicly sharing our current situation I’m sharing the fact that I was very pleased that Mr F felt well enough yesterday to have the first shave he’s bothered with for a month, he’s scrubbed up quite well, all things considered, including his 83 years! (Not sure why he looks like he’s lost a front tooth – bad photography!!)

    7th August 2021 at 8:03 am #556637

    Blimey, I wish I looked as well as him and I’m 16 years younger…..

    7th August 2021 at 8:16 am #556638

    You are looking good Mr F due in no small amount to the excellent care you are getting from FC no doubt. When you are going through the mill in life it is important to know that other people care and understand what you are going through. It costs nothing to show you care and it is lovely the way members here step up and do just that. I have been on the receiving end of such kindness and I know how much it means..

    Recovery is not just physical but a positive attitude is important too and if your friends here can help with that it can only be a good thing.

    I am sure everyone feels better for sharing in your good news too, there seems precious little of that around at the moment. :yes:

    7th August 2021 at 9:25 am #556640

    What a lovely photo Fruitcake , loosing a “bit of weight” suits him . :rose:

    7th August 2021 at 9:56 am #556643

    Brilliant!! :good:

    11th August 2021 at 9:50 am #556960

    I am posting the latest update which will explain my absence of late, I’m afraid it’s a copied and pasted version as I’m limited for time, apologies for that. I haven’t had time to replace the name others know my man by for the name that you usually know and I’m sorry it’s rather long, but I know those that are interested will read, those that aren’t will scroll on.

    This  was written Monday:-

    We were running quite smoothly, managing pain and sugar levels and having no problems with emptying and changing urine bags ……until yesterday. I regularly ask Baz how the bag is (i.e. does it need me to empty it) did this yesterday afternoon, having emptied it without problem in the morning, when we looked the bag was empty! That wasn’t right, checked again later, still the same. I rang the nurse, she could throw no light on it but did ring the clinic and found gave me an emergency number to ring if there was no change, there wasn’t. I spoke to the duty urologist for quite a long time, he was so helpful and actually explained more about the operation than we had been told before. His instruction was f there was no pain in the bladder during the night see him this morning, if there was it was off to A & E.
    So I changed the bag for the larger night bag and lo & behold urine flowed into it! Must have been a blockage in the bag somewhere we thought. I rang the urologist’s secretary this morning asking her to thank him very much for his time but e seemed to be sorted so no need to see him. Then Baz got up, had his breakfast and time to change the bag, put the day bag on, nothing, remained empty, decided to try a night bag as that had been okay, nothing, remained empty. back on the phone to the secretary explaining we did still have a problem was there an appointment today, we got one for 3.30 pm.
    There was a slight problem with the timing of this as our prospective buyer was coming at 2 pm for a 2nd viewing at which time we bundle Conny in the car and go off for a drive allowing the agent to do her job, this was going to cut it fine for us to leave Conny here while we kept the appointment so I rang the agent, she rang the viewer and it was arranged for a quarter of an hour earlier, that all worked out okay.
    Saw the urologist, he checked the empty bag, did an ultrasound scan & confirmed the bladder was full, sent us up to the wards, after ringing them, for a nurse to syringe out the bladder via the catheter to remove any blockage, when we got to the ward and Baz dropped his trousers the bag was full of urine!!! She syringed anyway but all was well.
    It’s now 00.38 I had to stop typing when I found Baz uncontrollably shaking and saying his back hurt then he got delirious, the shaking eventually stopped but the delirium got worse, I saw him off in the ambulance about half an hour ago (I can’t go with him or be there – Covid) I will update when I have news and when I can.

    I went to see Baz yesterday afternoon, it is definitely an infection that he has, he still has a temperature of 38.6, he’s on a drip to keep it under but they haven’t started antibiotics until all the different test results are back and they know where to target. He is mostly lucid but still has the odd delirious type comment and also the occasional tremble. They have changed the catheter this afternoon for bigger tubes as they think the others may have been blocking on and off hence the pain and infection.

    I’ve had to have a word with the head nurse about one of the other ladies, I expect Baz had asked for a painkiller when he thought he should have one rather than when he had real pain (he does it at home, I deal with it and keep him monitored to a need only basis) said lady crossly said “Have you got pain?” when he said “No, not at the moment” she poked him in the head and said “No, it is here!” he burst into tears, when telling me, saying “I’m going mad, she told me!” Can you imagine how that made me feel? I haven’t shed a tear yet with any of the traumas since the beginning, it’s not my style, but I can tell you I came bloody close then! I said to the head nurse “I do realise that he is not the easiest of patients and I do realise that pain relief has to be monitored carefully but there is a way of doing so, letting an 83 yr old man, who is frightened and confused think that you’re telling him he is mad is not the way to do it and it was not pleasant for me, visiting my sick husband to see him reduced to tears over it” she fully understood, said she had spoken about it when I briefly mentioned it on the visit and apologised.

    After I had comforted him. assured him he is not mad, just ill, I told him I had a surprise that would make him feel better and said the girls are hoping to come over next week, his face lit up and his lip quivered, but this time with pleasure.

    This was written this morning: –

    I rang last night, the nurse said she had changed the catheter for a larger one, it seems it’s been blocking on and off hence the infection, she said he should be in less pain. This morning when I rang………………. it’s blocked, he still has a fever!! He must be so confused, frightened and in pain.

    11th August 2021 at 10:23 am #556965

    Oh my goodness FC, all we can do is hope and pray things get better for Baz (and you), you really are having it tough but love conquers all I think, so bravo Fruitcake.

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