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  • 9th July 2024 at 1:20 pm #601403

    My Doctor has prescribed some tests ahead of possible orthopaedic intervention.

    I have already had the first but the others are booked as late as next year. I mentioned this to my physiotherapist who was outraged. She advised that I could have them done by next week if I was prepared to travel.

    I came home, logged onto and discovered that appointments are in fact available this week and only two hours away from home.

    I am now looking at booking accommodation for a night or two away with a rdv.

    This is a great idea for many different medical problems if appointments locally are not available.

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    9th July 2024 at 2:42 pm #601404

    It’s a very good way of booking…even with your own gp…I find an appointment with the Gp literally within hours….sometiimes a replacement…but if you need to see someone it really doesn’t matter.

    our Gp retired last year…I hadn’t seen his replacement..but he called one night to talk through a blood result…I actually im sorry I,Ve never seen you….his reply …make an appointment !

    we are lucky it’s a good practice…but doctor lib for specialists…is excellent…it’s a free service…very useful.

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