On these days many shops will close all day or
early, some museums and other public attractions
may also be closed.

Remember to stock up on food the day before.
In some places you will be able to get fresh bread
in the morning on at least some of the days.

As always check your local situation!

1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
14 Apr Fri Good Friday (only Alsace and Moselle)
17 Apr Mon Easter Monday
1 May Mon Labour Day
8 May Mon Victory in Europe Day
25 May Thu Ascension Day
4 Jun Sun Whit Sunday
5 Jun Mon Whit Monday
14 Jul Fri Bastille Day
15 Aug Tue Assumption of Mary
1 Nov Wed All Saints’ Day
11 Nov Sat Armistice Day
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
26 Dec Tue St Stephen’s Day (only Alsace and Moselle)