Is there a Cure?

Guest Blog by @cheekiweeki

Driving in the car this morning and listened to 5Live.    
Very interesting. You can play it and listendandelionat this link . Emma interviewed a lady in the studio who was diagnosed with cancer in May 2016 with  Stage 4. She was offered palliative care 
by the NHS who told her that they could do no more for 
her. She had cancer of the stomach and this soon went to her lungs and liver. She sold her house and car and 
headed for Germany where she started treatment. Today she says that the cancer is gone from her stomach and lungs but there is still a little left in the liver. She goes 
back to Germany in two weeks for further treatment that, hopefully, will result in her liver being clear too. Listen to her story which is one of many.

Emma also talked to a cancer specialist 'Karol Sikora  ( who seems to back the 
NHS/chemo and said that 'these people can't open in the UK because of the Act of 1939 which prevents 
them from making claims that they can cure cancer."

Whilst I agree totally that it is right not to let 'anybody' open a clinic and make false claims, I 
also feel that it is wrong to prohibit people, suffering from this terrible illness, from having an 
alternative treatment to chemotherapy. 

I understand that in the USA it is illegal for a doctor to advise a patient to have any other treatment except chemotherapy. I personally know several people in that country, who had cancer and they were virtually bullied and harassed that if they didn't sign up for chemo immediately, they would die. 
Neither did, one was under advisement to have a mastectomy. She took advice from two other sources, 
discovered that not only did she not need a mastectomy, but that she didn't even have cancer. Four 
years have passed and she is still alive and well. 

Lots of homework has to be done, check with others who have used certain clinics that deal with 
similar cancer as the patient has. Check the numbers of people who recovered. Cancers are different, 
people are different, what works for one may not work for another, but given similar circumstances, itwould seem to me that one would have a good chance of recovery. 

Karol also said that at one time the those in the medical profession were not even allowed to use the word  'Cancer' to their patients. Now with the Internet, this word is commonly used because people canread all about it so freely. This comment is such a perfect example of how those who think themselves superior to the common man, make decisions to keep them 'in the dark' for their own good. We, the 
common men and women of this world are kept in the dark concerning lots of things, UFOs for one.  
Thank goodness for the Internet - maybe this is truly the age of enlightenment.

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  1. The trouble is @cheekiweeki unless we do the research that, as you say, is there online, although that has to be done with a certain amount of caution as a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, we bow to those that we regard as experts, and in fairness most of them are, but these days we don’t have to take their word as gospel, we are within our rights to ask questions and query things.

    Maybe a doctor can’t advise you to have alternative treatment but it is a person’s own choice whether they accept the treatment offered or not.

  2. Well said Fruitcake!
    It ‘is’ down to the patient to look at other remedies rather than relying on one diagnosis, definitely.
    There are all sorts of folks putting out all sorts of conflicting information, on a daily basis on the net and in the mainstream.
    & as I said before on a thread in the forum, I can attest that respected Doctors aren’t there entirely for your well being.
    A close member of my family had been to her quack on numerous occasions, and he merely prescribed sack loads (literally!) of meds, that did Nothing at all to help with her condition, and just got her more dependant on them.
    The moment she started weaning herself off them she started to feel clearer headed, better physically & able to sleep properly again.
    They (Doctors), don’t have it in them unfortunately, to point you toward more Natural remedies that have existed far longer than poisonous chemo to solve curable illness’ such as Cancer.
    Cancer was being Cured back in the 1920’s, but bigPharma didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, no because they would lose obscene amounts of money. All thanks to Natural ‘Alternative’ (lol) medicine. :yes:

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