I’m a little chicken

Me Pam Ayres Bitim-a-little-chicken

I am a little chicken, I trot about all day
quietly a-pecking in the normal way

I ‘ave some corn each day and me oats about once
a week
The corn is quite delicious of the oats I cannot

The farmer treats me kindly ‘e treats me with
but I’ve really only noticed it since ‘is foot
I pecked

I only pecked ‘is foot you know ‘cause I
couldn’t reach ‘is leg
oh! dear skuse me a minute while I just lay me egg

That feels a lot better, now, where did I get to,
oh! yes, about the farmer, well, I ‘spect
you’d peck ‘im too

‘e keeps shoving that cock in ‘ere and I
don’t like ‘im at all
‘e struts around with ‘is neck all stretched
trying to look tall

still, I’ll just keep on pecking ‘cause what
‘appens if I stop
is the other greedy ‘ens in ‘ere will come and
eat the lot

and I’m just a little chicken who trot’s about
all day
quietly a-pecking in the normal way.

Poem by @Fruitcake

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  1. This how Fruitcakes “I’m a little chicken” inspired me to write this, my first ,and probably last, poem.

    Oh , Fruitcake.
    (With apologies to Pam Ayres)

    I liked your little poem,
    Well, I liked it quite a lot,
    So I thought I’d write a poem,
    To show you wot I got.

    So ‘ere I sit with pen in ‘and,
    Oi’m finkin’ “aint it ‘ard,
    To fink up lots of lines that rhyme,
    Can I be ‘ampshires bard “?

    I’m totally at top speed now,
    I don’t feel such a clot,
    The words are coming thick and fast…
    But suddenly , they’re not…!

    Where’s Fruitcake when you want ‘er ?,
    Just as you’ve lost your thread,
    I think I’ll leave the rhymes to her,
    And me ? I’m off to bed !!

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